The construction of a concert hall with a seating capacity of 211 and excellent acoustics was completed in May 2005. 

concert hall

Funds to purchase equipment to build this playground for the students were raised thanks to donors who sponsored one of the members of the Society's Big Sur Marathon Race participation, on Arpril 24, 2005. The playground was completed in 2006.

lark outdoor playground

Built near the basketball court, the soccer field was completed in 2004 and has bleachers accommodating 200 spectators. A locker room and shower facilities were also constructed adjacent to the field. Soccer, an Armenian favorite, drew many family and friends to the opening day.

serko vartabedian soccer field


Completed in 2003, the basketball court that seats 150 is a great place for students to interact with each other, and learn new sports, such as basketball. 

basketball court

This courtyard was constructed adjacent to the school's main concert hall. The facade of the building overseeing the courtyard was also fully renovated. The courtyard is a perfect area to hold receptions after concerts where attendees and students may mingle. The area is also a great place for students to enjoy sunny days.

This project was completed in 2006.

Antranig & Nvart Edjelenian Courtyard

The opening of the Edwin Isagholian Art Studio took place in 2007. Edwin was an exceptional young man who was involved in various organizations serving Armenia and Karabakh. He also had a true passion for the arts.

Edwin passed away in 2006, and to honor his memory, his family and friends sponsored the construction of this art studio to give the students of Daniel Ghazaryan, the opportunity to get exposed to, and to develop an interest in the arts. Edwin's family traveled from the United States, Iran and Australia to partake in the opening, where students from the school recited poetry and displayed their work. 

Edwin Issagholian Art Studio