Ferrahian High School

Our academy and Ferrahian High School have become sister schools. 

Every year, the graduating class of Ferrahian High visits our academy to spend time with our students and also to gift each student with school supplies that will last the entire year. 

Supplies include: notebooks, pencils, pens, chalk, erasers, crayons, etc. In addition, each Ferrahian student raises at least $500 as a gift to the school.



In Memory of Araxie Kalaidjian

Arazy Adalian

Mary Agulian

Andre and Arpi Barsoumian

Avedis and Marie Baroumian

Mihran and Zarouhi Chatoyan

Shant and Marie Derboghosian

Hermine Fermanian

James and Lena Henry

Gerard and Miriam Mekhsian

Sella Mereshian

Arpi Mihranian

Never Minassian

Joseph and Evkine Rajoyan

M.S. and Diana Sarkissian

Kirakos Torossian

Alice Varjabedian

Gabriel and Salpi Vartanian